"I'm starting as a financial reporter for Dow Jones, London on 4th August. 25k a year starting wage is a little more than expected, but who am I to complain? Thanks for the support."

Richie Benson, JW Graduate, Financial Reporter, Dow Jones, London



Chris Chandler

Teaches: Court Reporting

Chris Chandler has been a journalist for 43 years. Early in his career he worked on newspapers in Surrey and Dorset. In the Nineties he was deputy editor of The Argus, Brighton, for ten years and then became group editor of the Leader and Life series of newspapers in Sussex and Surrey. He and his wife now run an editing and writing company.
Chris, what is your style of teaching and lecturing?

I combine a sharp focus on the NCTJ law examiners' requirements with class discussions, backed up with case studies and current legal issues.
Do you have an industry story you can share?

When I was editing the Mid Sussex Leader we campaigned against axing A&E at the Haywards Heath hospital. We printed a poster for people to put in their windows and take on protest marches. Seven thousand people marched through the town in the first march, nearly all of them carrying our poster. Not only was it all over TV, our rival papers had no choice but to feature our Leader branded posters in their photo coverage.