"Thanks so much for the course. It was instrumental in helping me to secure, what has turned out to be, a long term features role at the Berkshire Media Group working across all titles and on a wide range of magazines. In my current role I also mentor our junior reporters in feature writing and basic sub editing. The teaching at the Journalist Works was excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending this route to others."

Judith Edwards, Reading Chronicle and Slough Observer


What Employers Say...

What these dynamic, budding journalists need, is a chance to prove themselves. We give them that opportunity here. The Journalist Works course is our first port of call when we are recruiting too; we have taken on three journalists straight from the course.
Mark Dunford, Head of Layout and Design, Sussex Newspapers

What they are learning are the fundamentals, plus valuable industry insights. When they come here, year after year, they all slot in quickly and happily.
Cathy Relf, The Grocer

Here at Esquire we've been welcoming JW's students for more than a year. They get invaluable on-the-job knowledge working at a top consumer title.
Jeremy White, Chief Copy Editor, Esquire

The Journalists Works interns that we have had at YOU have been a huge asset to the team. They're always ready for any challenge and produce consistent, good results both online and in the printed magazine.
Tara Crean, Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine, web editor and sub-editor

It is a pleasure to partner up with Journalist Works. The first intake has been first class and we are looking forward to more bright, aspiring journalists contributing to the Red Bulletin in print and on the web
Norman Howell, Red Bulletin Publisher

What Graduates Say...

The cost of going to University after my A-levels really put me off as I didn't fancy studying hard just to get into debt. Instead I enrolled for the fast-track course at JW and learnt everything I needed to know in an intensive but high-calibre 14-week course. Journalist Works then sorted me out with a work experience stint at The Argus. The News Editor told me he liked my work and offered me a job. I remember he joked "they taught you well upstairs" and I gladly accepted the job. Studying at Journalist Works not only saved me a thousands of pounds in tuition fees, but also a hard slog at University too. Ben Leo, Young Journalist of the Year 2013

I always wanted to work in journalism but I had no idea how to go about it.  Journalist Works gave me the qualifications, the portfolio and the experience to land interviews and , most importantly, the enthusiasm to get out there and go for it.  The course was intense, but worth the effort a hundred times over, because now I am working and loving every minute.  Thanks so much."
Talitha Bromwich, Features sub-editor, The Argus

Thank you for the course as it got me my perfect job. It's working as a trainee reporter for Splash News Agency in London writing celebrity news articles.
Sophie Eager, Splash News Agency

I learnt more in ten weeks than I did on a three year journalism degree. I feel the course has prepared me for the reality of the workplace. Laid back classes, engaging and fun, interactive and stimulating.
Law was interesting. PA was more fun that it should have been given the content.
Claire Young, magazine editor

The course I took at the Journalist Works was brilliant. It provided me with invaluable knowledge and experience in everything to do with journalism and sub-editing, which doesn't seem possible for such a short course.
I still meet up with the friends I made there, and I know that I wouldn't have got the job I have today without Paula and the rest of the teachers at the Journalist Works.
Eleanor Stanley, Incisive Media

I got a job as an editor on a magazine in Shanghai when I finished the course. From there I went on to write for Time Out, Frommer's and MTV guides, as well as directing a documentary screened on Channel 4, and contributing to dozens of magazines around the globe.
None of it would have been possible without Paula's schooling. She taught how to cut to the meat of the story and produce the consistently punchy, readable articles editors want to commission.
Olivia Edward, Freelance Travel Writer

The course was hard work but great fun, and the quality of the teaching was very high. My writing had improved massively by the end and that definitely upped my employability - especially when combined with my online experience.
Michael Wilkins, Head of Social SEO and Analytics at the online agency Content and Motion

The fast pace of the course does a lot to prepare you for what your working day as a journalist will be like. Expect the unexpected! 

Katie Clark, JW graduate, Chief Reporter, Bournemouth Echo

The course was actually better than I expected. I really didn’t think I’d get a story published in The Argus within the first three weeks but this course made it possible. The training and teaching was very good. It was straightforward and no-nonsense and taught us everything we needed to know."
Lawrence Smith, sub-editor, Johnston Press newspapers

I'm starting as a financial reporter for Dow Jones, London, on the 4th of August. 25k a year starting wage is a little more than expected, but who am I to complain. Thanks for the support.
Richie Benson, JW graduate, Financial Reporter, Dow Jones, London

I won the NCTJ Scoop of the Year prize while on the course.  This is such an achievement for me and I have Brighton Journalist Works to thank for it!
Juliet Conway, Associated Newspapers

Thought I would write to say hi and to tell you I have a new job! Press, Media and Publicity Manager to Sharon Bowles MEP. She's really nice, very easy to get on with and has just been elected Chair of the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.
Thanks for offering me a place on the course. The course has been the most useful, practical and relevant period of study in my life to date, with some of the best teachers I have ever had.
Alex Fellows, JW graduate, Press, Media and Publicity Manager

The course is geared towards its students passing exams and learning the trade very quickly.  It does what it says on the tin!
The expertise of the teachers is obvious.  I am happy that I have received the best training and advice from them. I think this course is great, there is so much support and help getting work experience and jobs. There is a working newspaper office downstairs - perfect.
Emma Lloyd, JW graduate, freelance journalist

I should tell you I got promoted!!  A Journalist Works success story!  As of last week I am now deputy chief sub-editor.  Plus pay rise.  Hooray!!
Cathy Relf, The Grocer

Thanks for running a course that has turned my life around and given me some confidence in myself and a chance to enjoy my working life. The rest is up to me
James Lowe, Journalist Works graduate, now Enfield Gazette

I feel very proud to say I'm now an award-winning journalist and that would not have been possible had I not enrolled on the course.
Steven Kelly, JW graduate and NCTJ award winner

The course gave me all the skills I wanted, and several I never imagined I'd need -- until they were tested in my first job! The tutors' combination of industry insight and enthusiasm helped me move seamlessly into the editorial and news writing career I wanted.
Anita Isalska, Assistant Editor for the Practical Law Company

The course gave me a kick-start I needed to get my first job in journalism. Now I will continue my lessons on the job. I am so grateful I have been on one of the best courses in the country.

Laura Gistri, JW graduate, Features sub-editor, The Argus

I will not be taking the exams as last week I was offered a job as a features writer which starts immediately. The position is one I would have thought myself lucky to be offered in a few years time, so I am more than happy with the result of the course.
Thanks for all your help.
Isla, CPI Business Magazines, Dubai

Paula O'Shea's course was invaluable in preparing me for a career in journalism. Paula helped me to develop the two hallmarks of a successful features writer: a nose for a good story and the art of an attention-grabbing opening paragraph. Her enthusiasm for the world of journalism is infectious.
Ruth Tierney, Features Editor - Prima, National Magazine Company

I went into journalism quite late and only just got accepted on one of Paula's courses at the eleventh hour. That phone call changed my life and set me on a career path I could only ever have dreamed about. The course was completely hands on and I learned so much so quickly. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better start in journalism.
Jasmine Comer, freelance journalist

I've used the shorthand skills and legal knowledge I gained on the course on a daily basis in both newspaper and magazine roles in the UK and overseas - and the grounding in journalism practice has been invaluable.
Sally Hall, Features Editor at Woman's Day, New Zealand

Although I'd been working as a freelance feature writer, I needed to expand my journalistic skills. Learning to sub-edit made me much more employable in a difficult market.
Nicola Pearson, Evening Standard

I started on the Uckfield Leader straight after the course and then on to the Norwich Evening News where I won the Newspaper Society Journalist of The Year. I have just joined Channel 4 News.
Lewis Hannam, Channel 4 News

The teachers were inspiring and helped me gain the confidence and qualifications I needed for a journalism career.
Roxy Freeman, Feature Writer, The Guardian

These were easily the best set of portfolios produced on any of the NCTJ courses I have seen.  I found the standard high in every respect.
NCTJ Exam moderator

Following the Saturday subbing course I completed at Journalist Works this year ,I've started freelance work on the subs desk at William Reed in Crawley. It's part-time, well-paid, the other folk there are lovely, and I'm putting into practice everything I learnt on the course. Thanks for a great course which has now led to gainful employment.
Col Bernhardt, sub-editor

My new job is working as a journalist for a BBC website that is due to launch very soon. I will be employing many of the sub-editing and other skills I learnt during my Saturday Subbing Course at Journalist Works. I even had a very similar test in my interview, which I was more than prepared for thanks to the exam! I would just like to thank the Journalist works for teaching me the skills to get the job in the first place!
Rosie Rogers, BBC journalist

The Saturday Subbing Course is comprehensive, stimulating, challenging and highly rewarding. It gives you a very sound foundation in sub-editing and its associated skills.
Nick Midgley, BJW graduate

I found the Saturday Subbing Course very enjoyable and it’s great to know I now have all the skills to become a fully-fledged sub-editor
Laura Bell, journalist for Wiley Press

I'm starting next Tuesday as a sub-editor for a magazine in Notting Hill in London. It'll be a bit of a commute but worth it. I’d just like to thank everyone at Journalist Works for all their help, because even though I've a legal background there's no way I'd have got this opportunity without the skills I picked up on the course.
Davet Hyland, sub-editor, Law Business Research magazine

Thanks again to all at Brighton Journalist Works for a fab course - it paid off!
George Walker, writer,

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