Thank you for the course as it got me my perfect job. It's working as a trainee reporter for Splash News Agency in London writing celebrity news articles. 
Sophie Eager, Splash News Agency

Certificate in Sub-Editing

If you already have journalism skills and want to add subbing to your portfolio, then we have your perfect solution

Professional sub-editing courses, leading to the subbing exam.

First class sub-editors are always in demand

All over the UK and internationally, sub-editors are the glue that binds press offices together. A sub-editor's choice of layout can make or break a page.

Reporters and editors rely on a decent sub to balance incoming stories, so that readers will stick with it, front page to back.

After being made redundant I took the part-time course in sub-editing to improve my skills. The course offered plenty of work experience opportunities and through an initial placement on the Mail On Sunday YOU magazine I managed to secure a paid position as a sub-editor on the Metro after just two weeks.

Tom Dartnell

Sub-editing is important

Who are these courses for?

  • Reporters who want to learn the extra skills of subbing
  • People already working in newspaper offices who would like to switch to an editorial role
  • Editors and contributors to newsletters, other publications or websites
  • PR, media, communications professionals who want to add subbing to their skill set.

What do they cover?

  • Understand the crucial role of a sub-editor in print and online
  • Write accurately and with clarity
  • Balance stories
  • Attract your reader's interest
  • Sub for features, picture stories, page leads, anchor stories and letters
  • Design page layouts using Adobe InDesign
  • Use the full IMPACT of typography
  • Write attention-grabbing headlines for print and online
  • Write perfect picture captions
  • Learn print and online techniques
  • Proof read and master the main proofing symbols

Full-time sub-editing course February 2017

  • Seven consecutive days of intensive subbing tuition, plus an exam day
  • Take a week off work and concentrate on all the skills you need
  • Ideal for anyone living too far from Brighton to commute- come and stay in Brighton for a week and update your skills
  • Small classes
  • Prepare for the Sub-editing exam

£950 including VAT and exam fees. Email or call us for more information

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