"I have no doubt that the course greatly assisted me in getting onto the Civil Service Faststream graduate programme and to my posting as a communication officer. I will always be grateful to Journalist Works for that."

James Scott, communications officer, Civil Service

"I was desperate to get into journalism but I couldn't afford to leave my job so studying part-time around work has been perfect for me.

Sheralyn Morey, Sub-editor, The Argus

NCTJ Part-time Diploma in Journalism

Study Part Time

Earn while you learn to be a journalist.

Want to become qualified as a journalist but can’t afford to take time out from earning a living? Then we have the perfect course for you.

Part-time NCTJ 

Study every Wednesday evening from 6.30-9.30pm and every Saturday from 9am-5pm, plus one week full-time, September to July. No classes in school holidays or half terms.

During the course you will

Take all the same modules as the fast-track course to become a qualified journalist, and take exams.  And we are here to help you every step of the way, with one-to-one tutorials throughout the course and scheduled trips.

You will complete the full portfolio of modules required to be awarded the NCTJ's Gold Standard Diploma qualification

You will have plenty of opportunity to work on real stories during the course as we work in partnership with all the city’s media outlets. There will be a requirement to complete homework assignments between sessions and to work on your shorthand outside of class time. 

However, you can be sure that you will be working in a supportive environment led by a course leader very experienced in managing part-time study. 

There will be exams in shorthand, essential media law, court reporting, public affairs, production journalism and you will be required to complete a portfolio of published work.

Our tutors are all working journalists bringing the very latest knowledge and techniques from today's digital newsrooms into the classroom.

Learn all the fundamentals of today's journalism:

  • News Gathering
  • News and Feature Writing
  • Media Law
  • Public Affairs
  • Shorthand
  • Build up your writing confidence
  • Improve your style
  • Tighten your grammar
  • Production Journalism

Discover how to:

  • Write and research online
  • Maximise social media
  • Write for magazines, newspapers and online
  • Create and write a blog
  • Cut and correct stories
  • Write your own page on The Argus website

Part-time course fees: for information on fees and loans for all of our courses please visit the Fees page.

How to apply:  the process is the same as for the full-time Diploma in Journalism. Apply online and you will be invited for interview and to take the Aptitude Test

Post-course Guidance

We offer our graduates advice on cover letters, CV writing and pitching stories – vital in today's marketplace. We are also on-hand to answer questions from afar. We're supportive of our graduates and they often let us know how they are getting on. We're only too pleased to hear from them.

Contact us on or phone on 01273 934100 to talk through the options.

"I was desperate to get into journalism but I couldn't afford to leave my job so studying part-time around work has been perfect for me. The workload is manageable alongside other commitments and the tutors are really supportive and motivating. Although it can be hard work, the lessons are enjoyable and the course really does prepare you for a job in the industry. Studying part-time has been a great decision for me as I now have a sub-editing job at The Argus".

Sheralyn Morey, Sub-editor, The Argus

“The part-time course at Journalist Works has been invaluable. The team are all lovely, knowledgeable and go above and beyond. It has been a great way to become a journalist whilst still continuing my full-time job. I would recommend it to anyone interested in journalism.”

Hanna Neter, Broadcast Journalist, Juice FM

Being a working mum with 2 children and a dream to become a journalist is not really a match made in heaven but studying part-time has meant that I can do both. The course is hard work and at times a bit over whelming but with a bit of commitment and a passion for writing it is totally achievable.

The tutors have been so supportive and understand the pressures of working and studying at the same time and continuously offer words of encouragement that get you through.

Coming to the end of the course is a conflict of emotions. I have learnt so much about the industry I want to work in and the camaraderie within the group has been amazing but I won’t lie, it will be great to have my Saturdays back.

Thanks to Brighton Journalist Works it seems my dream is not that hard to reach after all.

Emma Williams


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